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Online Service Topic: Being A Prophet in Your Own Home Center

Bible Passage Mark 6

Watch online. Plug your computer into your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.

Optional Lord’s Supper. Prepare bread and drink ready for those who will prarticipate. The Lord’s Supper is for believers in Jesus Christ. If you do not want to participate in this service, simply stop the video presentation before the Lord’s Supper begins. The Lord’s Supper is the last event in the Christian Leaders Service.

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  1. Jatt-lee
    Jatt-lee says:

    I humbly pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will Heal us and restore our Land and Forgive our sin in Jesus Name

  2. Alex Mahoro
    Alex Mahoro says:


    I would like to inform you in this challenge period where many of us are facing from corona virus issue. Brotherns and sisters we are in bad time, reason why I decided to send you this email.

    2 Chronicles 7:13-14, you have to read there yourself, my beloved I want to tell you that all world has committed a big an abomination such as same sex marriage, please please i beg you to stop any other preaching tops execept only the sanctification ,
    Remember the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, time of Nineve
    Where did you see any child born from homosexuality family??
    Why the world has decided to change the God’s principles or God’s will?

    Who can correct God for what he has already made?
    Who can help God among all the nations?
    Do you think that God was wrong when he created one woman and one man at the beginning of this world ??

    Why God did not create 2 women only?? Or 2 men only? Please if possible share this message to many people because judgement is relatively.

    If you not believe this message let help others to hear it.

    God is able to forgive those who want to repenting their sins but if people resist they will be punished a lot, when God sent his only son on this earth it was not jokes .

    Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:24 up to 29.

    Ezekiel 3:17 up to 27.

    When you find out this message please let other to hear it don’t keep it secret
    This is the time of Judgment, judgment of all humanity’s, richest and poorest , old people and young.

    The bible says that I am knocking if you hear voice and open your home I will entry and heal you.

    Remember you and I can be the solution of this diseases right now.

    May God help you to hear it well in Jesus Christ.

    Yours in Christ
    Alex Mahoro
    At Rwanda Kigali

  3. kolomona.bailey@gmail.com
    kolomona.bailey@gmail.com says:

    I’v took a break from school . for the last two weeks I keep hearing get back to school. I posted on this and asked for prayers and prayed a lot myself on this. today I got my answer to go back. you see I live a busy life and felt there was no time but that was the lie of Satan. God has placed me in leadership of the church and blessed me with a ministry but I felt I was not good enough but was a lie of Satan I believed. Thank you and praise God.
    Solomon Bailey

  4. Daran Porter
    Daran Porter says:

    The Lord God always has a way for believers to fellowship. Thank you heavenly Father and continue to work in our lives, growing us up in Christ Jesus, and to prepare us to do thy kindom work here on earth.

  5. Candy
    Candy says:

    Amen and Bless you!
    Thank you for listening to the Lord and presenting exactly what I needed to hear today.
    We look upon people and we see one thing, but it is amazing what we can see if we ask the Lord to open our eyes and see what He sees when He looks upon His child.
    Yes I am a mom with great responsibility to teach my children to love and honor the Lord, but I know that God wants us to share His great love with others as well. IF I do not follow where the Lord is leading what type of lesson am I teaching my children? Father I thank you for your encouragement!

  6. Dr. Carolyn Skinner
    Dr. Carolyn Skinner says:

    The service was inspirational. I watched it with my children who are teenagers. My son already knows that God has called him to be a prophet. What we didn’t know and that includes me is that as a leader we are prophets because we know the future and stand before the people giving the warning. I never looked as it as such; only as Oracles of God. My son also said he had never heard the whole song of Amazing Grace. Nor had I; in our culture the song is shorter and much different, however we enjoyed the long version too. Does CLI have CD of the song we hear at church? A compilation would be nice to have and I for one would definitely buy one to support the ministry. They are soothing to the soul.

  7. Abby Dominiak
    Abby Dominiak says:

    I watch them on my Apple TV and stream them that way. I will see if there are more streaming options! Thanks, Neale

  8. Abby Dominiak
    Abby Dominiak says:

    Hey Carolyn!! So glad you and your teenagers enjoyed the service! Especially with your son called! I love that idea of the CD! I will mention that to Steve ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you richly!!

  9. Sharon Wimbush
    Sharon Wimbush says:

    AMEN St John Chapter 3 let us know How we are love of God given his son Jesus Christ for us.

  10. Rev Nduka Obasi
    Rev Nduka Obasi says:

    I thank Almighty God for His blessings upon us in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen. Oh LORD l thank and praise you for another privileges given to me . l worship and bow before your holy name and your presence is always with me. Ancient of Days grant us instant healing now i in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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