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Online Service Topic: Ready for the End

Watch online. Plug your computer into your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.

Optional Lord’s Supper. Prepare bread and drink ready for those who will prarticipate. The Lord’s Supper is for believers in Jesus Christ. If you do not want to participate in this service, simply stop the video presentation before the Lord’s Supper begins. The Lord’s Supper is the last event in the Christian Leaders Service.

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  1. Abdalla physician
    Abdalla physician says:

    Thanks for bettter thing you did to send to me and we hope to pray to our lord jesus for the recent proplem to be raised and to be ended quekly from the world every where our churches to be save thanks to our lord in everywhere thanks our brothers
    Foregive me if there were language mistakes
    Your brother in jesus christ
    Dr Abdalla shehata from egypt

  2. Sony saint-Marc
    Sony saint-Marc says:

    Merci pour la parole benie De Dieu.
    Enben temps De crise ,les chrétiens ont pour recours LA sainte parole de Christ. Amen,

  3. Sharon wimbush
    Sharon wimbush says:

    I really enjoy the testimony about the President Wife work at the hospital about face mask God hear our prayer through other and .I just want to say this s being a Major Prophetess with his People that we need to pray with out ceasings this is where Christ at now with us to Hearken unto our cry.

  4. Edith
    Edith says:

    I am so honored to join the online course with christian leaders church. I love Hebrews 11:1 ; Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is one of my heart desire and God has opened a door for me to walk through. I look forward to learning and growing with you all.

  5. Jubi Mothoa
    Jubi Mothoa says:

    Thank you for the encouraging sermon and the Lord’s supper.The covat19 is opening our eyes showing us that God reigns and is in control.This is the time to draw nearer to Him and seek Him with all our hearts.

  6. william sanya
    william sanya says:

    I am so encouraged by the message, seeing great opportunity in a shaken environment. God bless you.

  7. Oral Wall
    Oral Wall says:

    Thank you Dr Feddes for that timely and ever true message. Praise be unto our Lord who is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

  8. Latasha Alexander
    Latasha Alexander says:

    Thank you for this message in a much needed time. Even with everything that’s going on we must remember that Christ is King and that His promises still stand!!!

  9. ventguy
    ventguy says:

    Thank you for the great message. As a Salvation Army soldier for many years, I have just started to rediscover the beauty of communion. The Army believes in communion but doesn’t practice it (long story). As I approach semi-retirement and a move to our new home, I will be looking for a church that practices communion. Thanks again.


    Thank you so much for this message,it is a message of a deep reflection in a time like this.God bless you Dr.feddes and your team.

  11. Betty Ntesang Matsapola
    Betty Ntesang Matsapola says:

    The service was not only encouraging but very challenging as well. In many various aspects it questioned our state of readiness for the coming of the Lord. Even now I’m encouraged to learn more and place my trust in the Lord.

  12. Motlatsi Letlala
    Motlatsi Letlala says:

    A powerful and eye opening message indeed especially at the times we are in. May the LORD bless you.

  13. Colleen Gordon
    Colleen Gordon says:

    “Its so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word” . Thank you Christian Leaders for this graceful Easter Service. i am feeling very blessed. May God richly bless you all and your families during this season.
    Your prayers will be appreciated. Love Colleen.

  14. Tyrone Cooper
    Tyrone Cooper says:

    Give all praises to God! The message was great. Most of the things spoken on I tell my wife all the time. If you just know and believe Jesus has always been there and taken care of your every need, Glory to God!

  15. Gwendolyn L Johnson-Jamerson
    Gwendolyn L Johnson-Jamerson says:

    What a beautiful message, To God be the glory for sending his son Jesus to die for our sins, all to him I owe.

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