Christian Leaders Network

Hebrews 10:24-25  24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

The Christian Leaders Institute community is strengthened by the Christian Leaders Network (CLN). The new testament Greek word for “church” is the word, “Ekklesia”. This word is a compound of the word, “Ek”, which means “out” and the word “Kaleo”, which means, “called”. A meeting of the church is the assembly of the “called out” community.

The Christian Leaders Network is the “fellowship” or “network” meeting of our Christian Leaders Church. Christian Leaders Institute graduates have access now to ministry training, enterprise training, philosophy blogs, preaching blogs, ordination opportunities and more. How do we interact with each other in fellowship?

Answer: The Christian Leaders Network (CLN).

The CLN is mainly made up of called Christian Leaders that found their way here through the Christian Leaders Institute. These tens of thousands of Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates are spread over 177 nations.

If you are in the Christian Leaders Institute family, you are invited to join the fellowship! Click this link.

Christian Leaders Network People Smart Relevant Content

Since 2016, we have seen the blessing when Christian Leaders use the CLN this way.

  1. Share a prayer request.
  2. Post a blog or vlogs you are working on. We notice that if your blog is Biblical and impacting, please do click. This will help you learn if you are making an impact. This is great preparation for local ministry.
  3. Post media videos such as Youtube worship songs. The Christian Leaders Network Fellowship enjoys worshipping God and being introduced to new songs.
  4. Post links to cool sites you have found that encourage Christian Leaders.
  5. Post links in the featured topics at Christian Leaders Institute.
  6. Help each other at Christian Leaders Institute. We have noticed that CLN members help each other with frequently asked questions. This is excellent.
  7. Get advice from each other.
  8. Meet others in your area. If you meet someone on the network who lives in your area, go out for coffee or meet up somewhere.
  9. Learn about what is going on at the various ministries connected to Christian Leaders Institute.
  10. Post the message from your church, especially if you are a minister trained through Christian Leaders Institute.
  11. Post a recipe from your own ethnic or geographic background. We have such an international audience, sharing different food customs will bring us closer as leaders.
  12. Share your ordination pictures and story.
  13. Share a picture of your official credentials so others can encourage you.
  14. Share your experience with class materials for discussion.
  15. Share spiritual insights you have received in your walk with God.
  16. Share ministry pictures.
  17. Share the picture of your family.
  18. Share pictures of the church or ministry you are part of in your local area. This helps all of us see how interesting the world really is.
  19. Share memes. These are so encouraging.
  20. Share baptism pictures.
  21. When talking about provocative issues, give your opinions, but realize that someone may feel very differently than you. Do not take offense.

Touchy Subjects Needing to Be Addressed

  1. Respect each other despite the fact that we come from very various Christian backgrounds and economic situations.
  2. Do not over post. Limit your post to no more than one or two posts a day. Try to post thinks interesting to those pursuing Chrisian Leadership.
  3. Understand that we have some who are brand new Christians who sense a calling to ministry and are just beginning the learning journey.
  4. Do not post on the controversial Christian issues. These issues will quickly divide this fellowship like they have divided Christians for 2,000 years. Topics such as:
    1. Politics. Politics mixed with religion created some of the low moments of Christendom.
    2. End-times speculation. Christ is coming back, but speculation about that has split churches and broken fellowship.
    3. Women in office discussions – Christian Leaders Alliance, our ordaining arm supports the ordination of women to the minister (Deacon) office. This issue is discussed in detail in the Deacon Minister ordination class. This is where we are settled. We refer to the local church on whether women can be ordained as a local elder.
    4. Speaking in tongues – This is a controversial issue that is best discussed in a local context.
    5. Mode of Baptism – At Christian Leaders Institute, we affirm that believers can respectfully disagree on these issues and be completely in fellowship with each other.
    6. Other – There are other issues, but these are the main ones. The staff of Christian Leaders Institute will monitor if other issues hurt the fellowship.
  5. Understand that the dynamics of small groups that you see in your local churches and community will also occur here. We have noticed the Lord has raised up wonderful mentors to guide this fellowship to be more and more edifying.
    1. There are those who are learning how to listen more than have all the answers.
    2. There are those who need to speak up more because they have something to say.
    3. There are those who are learning how to be part of the Christian Leaders Network culture and that might take them a while to get used to a large ecuministry audience.
    4. There will be those who come off as judgmental, they are learning how to show more grace.
    5. There are those who might cross a boundary and need to be guided back to the boundary.
  6. Refined from all solicitation. While Christian Leaders Institute is a generosity-driven ministry, some may think that fundraising is welcomed. We learned that we cannot allow Christian Leaders to solicit each other.  If someone does fundraising on this site, we encourage members to gently instruct them to discontinue or ignore those comments or posts. Here is why:
    1. This is a ministry launching fellowship connected to launching Christian Leaders. The subjects and comments posted reflect that purpose.
    2. We all have different ministries we may want to promote or that need support. This fellowship needs to stay as encouragement, not as fundraising. In the past at Christian Leaders Institute, we saw how chaos quickly came when leaders tried to raise funds from each other.
  7. Refrain from recruiting each other for mission trips. Christian Leaders Institute believes that in most cases, God is raising up local Christians for ministry. The high cost of travel and the limited impact a short-term ministry visitor makes creates a dynamic that hurts local ministry. Mission trips tend to be a very poor spending of kingdom resources.
  8. Extreme caution is to be exercised with male and female relationships. Ordinarily, you should not start a romantic relationship with someone from a different continent or culture.
  9. All forms of sexually predatory behavior must be avoided.
  10. Refrain from all “hate” speech. Hate speech usually occurs around politics, class issues, same-sex or racial issues. Christian Leaders Institute holds to a Biblical worldview on these issues. Take the Sociology class to get deeper into these issues.
  11. Refrain from gossiping about others.