Love Over Every Crisis

Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders Legacy of Giving

This sermon series pairs with a Christian Leaders Institute course where you can read some additional resources and take a quiz on the material. Click Here for the Christianity for Leaders 1 Credit Course

Watch online. Plug your computer to your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.


$1 one-time       $5 one-time       $10 one-time

$25 one-time       $50 one-time       $100 one-time

$150 one-time       $200 one-time       $250 one-time

$500 one-time       $1000 one-time       $2000 one-time


17 replies
  1. Nelson Amegashie
    Nelson Amegashie says:

    Hi this is nelson from Ghana student of Christian Leaders Institute. I just wanna say a big thank to you all this service help me a lot

  2. Don Michael Stewart
    Don Michael Stewart says:

    Great word Brother/ Pastor, this is exactly what our Lord has put on my heart to share also, along with a few others but mostly these comandments which is the root of the Gospels. Awesome delivery…

  3. Pst Focus Komba
    Pst Focus Komba says:

    My application letter to request you to be Guest Speaker in Tanzania and Mozambique seminars and conference is coming on a snail mail We love you Henry Pray Pray for you in Tanzania a country which won a war of COVID 19 by prayers and covid 19 gone silent.

  4. Selius Joseph
    Selius Joseph says:

    Thanks for what you send the massage to the people of God.Selius Joseph from Tanzania and student of Christian leader institute.

  5. Geila Zegeye Abdi
    Geila Zegeye Abdi says:

    i am relay love you this is inform me that and give a power to work more for giving Jesus in all my life and i pry for this christian leaders church to give more all over the world specialty in Africa especially in Ethiopia. god bless you all!!!

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