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Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders Legacy of Giving

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  1. Donna Davis
    Donna Davis says:

    Powerful prayer of confession. May the Glory of the Lord be manifested this Sabbath Day!!!!

  2. Jennifer Patrick
    Jennifer Patrick says:

    When you ask God to forgive you and you believe that Jesus came and died for you is when God hears your prayers. God can’t be in the presence of sin. Being righteous is not the same as being saved. I look at it this way salvation is freely given and righteousness is earned from the actions we take. We know that actions will never be enough for our sin.

  3. Kenneth R. Nelson
    Kenneth R. Nelson says:

    I believe with all my heart and soul that the Lord answers every prayer! Truly our Father knows when we are ready for what we have asked./ Wealth, health, family are the desires of men but times are when we do or say and even think out of the will of God and there is no reason the prayer should be given a positive answer. God is wating for us to walk that narrow way a bit straigter before we are given the yes answer. I know He answers all prayer: YES! NO! and NOT NOW! A great, loving , benevolent God we have; he is a giver and a lover of man; how long has it been that we have told Him no? I would expect Him to wait for me to grow in appreciation of the fact that He is Lord and when He says Yes I can continue to praise Him even in his telling me in no certain terms, Yes but you need some time to realize what you are asking. Each of us is a joint heir to the Kingdom, but we must be stewards of our gifts; wisely using them for the good of the Kingdom!! REVIVAL is among us. Continue to grow in the knowledge of the word of God and remember that we cannot out give God! We cannot out love God! Yes I believe he answers all prayer, YES NO and NOT YET! Stop and think–beggars must wait for the generous to say yes and take what you have requested from their pocket and then give it to you as requested. GOD IS GOOD ALL OF THE TIME; ALL OF THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!! Amen

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