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Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders a Walk with God

Watch online. Plug your computer in your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.

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  1. Catherine Ndungu
    Catherine Ndungu says:

    Mike and claria /Claire are heavenly blessed. Your Dad must be proud of you as we CLI are too.

  2. Catherine Ndungu
    Catherine Ndungu says:

    Sorry Its Mike and Claudia. God bless you more as you bless us to bless others through the message in form of sweet song.

  3. Catherine Ndungu
    Catherine Ndungu says:

    Great songs and thanks pastor Steve for the great sermon reminding us to walk with God and each other

  4. Shanell Joseph
    Shanell Joseph says:

    That was a beautiful service. Great word and a lovely rendition by your son and daughter-in-law. Truly gifted men and woman of God.

  5. Adeola oluwole
    Adeola oluwole says:

    I feel so blessed by the songs and the sermon walking with God, is like a extra gas for the spiritual tank of my Christian vehicle I feel like I have more extra gas to run more extra miles with this sermon am refilled with power and holy spirit thank you sir

  6. Lemeriga David Eliaba
    Lemeriga David Eliaba says:

    Thank you so much servant of God. I really feel blessed with your sermon though at a far distance.

    Glory goes back to the creator & our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Yours in Christ,

    Lemeriga David Eliaba
    Gospel Harvest Church-Juba South Sudan.

  7. Omotosho Olatunji
    Omotosho Olatunji says:

    Thank you sir with this powerful 🙏 word. God continue to increase his anointing in you.

  8. Dorothy H Doyle
    Dorothy H Doyle says:

    Do you havr transcript if this i coukd not hear him im hard if hearing and coukd not tell what saying bevause didnt mive his mouth or his hand infront face .i know good teacher bevause when heard him before learned alot thankyiu. Turned my hearing aid uo didnt help .thankyiu

  9. Ronald Misao
    Ronald Misao says:

    Thanks Pastor ..
    for the wonderful sermon ..walk with God…
    @ sin seperate us from God..
    @ impress them on your children
    @ habits of reading bible and prayer

    may God bless CLI

  10. Azmach Abera Alemu
    Azmach Abera Alemu says:

    Thank you for your Wonder full teaching of waking with God I am praising God for this opportunity

  11. Donna Davis
    Donna Davis says:

    Excellent sermon. I wrote so much on paper, now I must apply and tell someone. Be a doer of His Holy Word. Thanks be to God!!!!

  12. Glenda
    Glenda says:

    I am trying to log in forgot password but there is no place for me to put my temporary login. Please help me get to my quiz in topic two. I really enjoy Christian Leadership Institution. I just became a minister and I am trying to enhance my knowledge towards being the best spiritual leader I can. Please let me know what I need to do to get to my quizz. Thank you.

  13. Azmach Abera Alemu
    Azmach Abera Alemu says:

    I hear the message which is dilivered by Steve
    itis very wonderful and giviving new insight practical way
    bless you

  14. JMarkkci
    JMarkkci says:

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  15. Tabitha Gacheru
    Tabitha Gacheru says:

    Blessings Pst. Steve…. A walk with God,….. Devil knows all about God but it’s not in his heart….. Oh God help me to read and meditate on Your commandments ….to keep myself from far from sin that brings separation

  16. Ken Nelson
    Ken Nelson says:

    The more we talk about God with others, lets them know that you love Him…the more you listen to the words you learn from the bible about God’s love for you…the more you study the bible and the words that God has inspired through other men for us, the more you will pass the information on to others because it makes you happy and others see the light of God in you. God’s word, love, and the water in that glass is truly the blessing but if you put it the word, the love in your heart and others see it they will want what you have. Having it in your heart, you can freely give it others and never let go. Remember church, he said suffer to let the children come unto me. Also come as you are! We the church must accept them as they are and then show them who they are to become! You cannot make anyone desire love or seek God…show them and let God be God, you introduce them and let them begin to relate to the savior creating their relationship. God is good all of the time, and all of the time God is good, Amen!!

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