Christianity for Leaders

(1 Credit Course)

Topics: Leaders Christianity is:

  • Resurrection Truth-based and Grace-Based Relationship with God (Professor Kurt Parker)
  • Connection Walk-based
    • What is a Walk with God?  (Professor Steve Elzinga)
    • Personal Connections (Professor Dr. David Feddes)
    • Relational Connection (Professor Brian DeCook)
    • Church Connection (Professor Steve Elzinga)
    • Kingdom Connection (Professor Henry Reyenga)
    • Evangelism Connection Professor Steve Elzinga)
  • Love Culture-Based
    • Ministry and Generosity Driven (Professor Henry Reyenga)
    • Inclusive and inviting to All (Professor Jame Hunt)
    • Forgiveness and Restorative Driven (Professor Brian DeCook)
    • Fruits-based Credibility for volunteer, part-time or full-time ministers  (Steve Elzinga and Henry Reyenga)
  •  History Based
    • Historical Events (Dr. David Feddes)
    • Biblical Doctrine Regulated (Dr. David Feddes)
    • Worldview Guided (Dr. David Feddes)