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For the first week below we have an activity worksheet for your children from the ages of 3-11 years old. Check them out and email (vpadvocate@christianleaders.net) to let us know if you enjoyed this added resource for children

Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders God’s Acts are Facts

This sermon series pairs with a Christian Leaders Institute course where you can read some additional resources and take a quiz on the material. Click Here for the Christianity for Leaders 1 Credit Course

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12 replies
  1. Marriane Santos Crabtree
    Marriane Santos Crabtree says:

    Thanks for the awesome and wonderful facts message of God’s gospel and l am so blessed.

  2. Miguel Perez Cabello
    Miguel Perez Cabello says:

    Gracias mis hermanos lo brindarme esta oportunidad de aimentar mis conosimientos en la palabra de Dios la cual es nuestra guia que Dios os bendiga

  3. Danford
    Danford says:

    first of all iwould like to give thanks to the Lord who enable this ministries online to teach us,my discussion iwould like to talk about LOVE it is very important in our life without love will be nothing on this would becouse love is the first key when you read in the book of John 3;16 it says God so love the world…..He gave His son .

  4. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    I APPRECIATE THE WORSHIP AND SERVICE. May God continue blessing this ministry. I wouldn’t have been able to go further without Him through CLI.

  5. Judith Nkirote
    Judith Nkirote says:

    Thanks and praise the Lord our savior Jesus Christ,i would like join the discussion. Also i request to know how i can contribute.
    Lord Almighty be with you all CLI administration,He will never forsake nor leave you and your families.

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Christian Leaders Church for the Children

We have church worksheets for your children to do. Which include coloring, spelling, and more fun activities. You can find a worksheet for your children’s age.

These resources are provided by CLI student Dave and June Hamer from Gatekeepers. Illustrations are by Dave Hamer.

Activity sheet for kids 9-11 years old KK2 Activity USA – 27.6.20 Pharisee & Tax

Activity sheet for kids 7-8 years old KK1 Activity USA – 27.6.20 Pharisee & Tax

Activity sheet for kids 5-6 years old LE2 ACTIVITY USA – 27.6.20 Pharisee & Tax (1)

Activity sheet for kids 3-4 years old LE1 ACTIVITY USA – 27.6.20 Pharisee & Tax

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