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Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders Kingdom Connection

This sermon series pairs with a Christian Leaders Institute course where you can read some additional resources and take a quiz on the material. Click Here for the Christianity for Leaders 1 Credit Course

Watch online. Plug your computer to your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.


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  1. Danny Kindred
    Danny Kindred says:

    What happens when Christ returns and He doesn’t support any church created by men, it’s just gonna be like it was when He was here last time I think. The bible tells us He is going to return like a thief in the night, we will not know the time not the hour. For all we know he could already be here, which is something else I think and remembering what happened last time I would keep quiet too.

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    Your not kidding! Or maybe he’ll finish his mission! And unite us all!
    The ones that won’t cast out the demons,to bad for them. They’ll have to deal with GOD,directly. Loved what I just watched! Brian Skripick

  3. Brian Skripick
    Brian Skripick says:

    How can I do my own fund raiser,for your school,church,here in Ohio. Legally? I’am an older returning student. I you’s to live,and work,in Grand Rapids,Mich. Born in Flint,lived all over,even Cadillac,Mich. Ect. Retired,buy and sell items,like silver dollars. Servived things like Navy,end of VEIT-NAM.two recession,not sure if they ever ended,throat Cancer,beind a corp.production manager,of more than one department at a time.
    ,never married let! Always feel,like GOD be calling me! Let me live,because I haven’t finished my calling let! Been raising a young man for sometime with Autism. Much more!

  4. Elizabeth Mourer
    Elizabeth Mourer says:

    I have grown exponentially over the last 4 years with CLI. The doors opening to me show how God uses people who listen to complete His Great Commission. I now work with a worldwide ministry that blesses millions of families yearly. Thank you CLI for leaning onto the whispers of the Holy Spirit over your calling.

  5. Betty Ntesang Matsapola
    Betty Ntesang Matsapola says:

    It is really important to understand Kingdom connections to respond positively to 1Corintians 12, without boundaries of a local church. Thank you Pastor Henry Reyenga and Pastor Steve Elzinger. Your work is spiritually inspiring. Glory be to God.

  6. Pastor James M. Mchenga
    Pastor James M. Mchenga says:

    I greatly appreciate and enjoy the Christian Leaders teaching! May the Lord continue to bless you !

  7. Belay
    Belay says:

    it is very interesting song don’t miss the good work! tank the my lord add togetherness christian leaders

  8. Rhonda Feher
    Rhonda Feher says:

    Good morning I am so grateful for being here and your teachings, I am just learning my way around on here. God has blessed you in so many ways and may he always bless you, I’m so grateful for his grace and love. I’m headed back into lessons I just wanted to give a thank you, thank you, Father God, in your name Jesus

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