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Online Service Topic: Christianity for Leaders Relational Connections

Watch online. Plug your computer in your television. The Online Christian Service will last about 45-60 minutes including the optional Lord’s Supper.

This sermon series pairs with a Christian Leaders Institute course where you can read some additional resources and take a quiz on the material. Click Here for the Christianity for Leaders 1 Credit Course

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  1. Iliya yohanna
    Iliya yohanna says:

    Thank you all In Christ, I Appreciate God for using you to reach us, and I thank you for giving God your time to use you,

    We are enjoying the program, I need your prayers, am using my old phone to log in to my Gmail account, pray for me that may God provides me money to buy laptop, for God work.thank you.

  2. Johnson
    Johnson says:

    I am very grateful for the chance to be part of this service. It was a blessing for me and my family.

  3. Moses Marambo
    Moses Marambo says:

    Thank you very much for this sermon.pray for my ministry to achieve the goal.We need to finish our church building.

  4. Emmanuel Ebhodaghe
    Emmanuel Ebhodaghe says:

    God bless you for this sermon, I’m praying and asking God for direction in my ministry, kindly pray for me.

  5. Pastor Ambrose Ogbuagu
    Pastor Ambrose Ogbuagu says:

    Thank you for your love, I am happy to belong to this family.God will bless you.

  6. Bonifacio Salvador Sitoe
    Bonifacio Salvador Sitoe says:

    I would like to thank God for what He have done to me, more particularly, for the great love he shown me through the Cross. Thus, my way to glorify Him is doing what He have called me to do, SPREAD his Word over the world.
    God Bless the whole world by healing our Land.

  7. Kerecia Ingraham
    Kerecia Ingraham says:

    I am bless by this sermon.
    It makes things easier to understand.
    God bless CLI and us.

  8. Kerecia Ingraham
    Kerecia Ingraham says:

    I am bless by this sermon.
    It makes things easier to understand.
    God bless CLI and us.

  9. Mookho
    Mookho says:

    It’s a priviledge to have this inspiring message that helps me to grow,spiritually,I need to grow more,pls pray for me as I need a breakthrough,I need to finance the Kingdom,I need to buy a house to accomodate church members and orphanage kids

  10. Jean Pryce
    Jean Pryce says:

    Thanks for this inspiring message on Relation principles at we can draw from the life of Jesus Christ.

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